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Web Hosting

What are the features of Yemen Business web hosting service
When you request a web hosting service you will get the following features
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Cpanal System

We provide you dashboard of your own, which you can control your account even if you do not have experience in hosting management.

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99.9% online presence guarantee

We offer you servers with high capabilities and fast Internet connection with carefully studied specifications to meet all your needs.

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Support software various

We are committed to supporting your site for free where we install, update and protect the basic server software and set up periodically.

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Your entire site is backed up periodically and accurately to ensure that data is
restored in case of loss

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Free domain

choose the domain name you want to book and we will confirm the reservation within one hour and for free when you purchase one of our services.

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Email alerts

Important messages, alerts, or warnings will automatically be sent to your email if your site is down, including the cause of the problem.

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High level of protection

We provide high level of protection in hosting servers and provide you programs that will maximize the efficiency of hosting.

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Refund Guarantee

money back guarantee gives you 15 days to try our services, and you will get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of the service

We are Proud of Our Clients

What do we mean by web hosting?

Hosting means hosting all your software files and emails on one of the dedicated servers located around the world and provided by huge data centers in Europe, the United States or Canada. You can control your site and emails through the Internet via a special panel to manage your files and control how your site appears on the Internet and receive and send e-mail

Yemen Business Web Hosting

  • Yemen Business has the strongest hosting plans according to the highest quality standards in the servers on the Internet, which covers all the requirements of customers and their needs and serve all types of sites in various disciplines business or service.
  • The control panel capabilities included in our collection of hosting plans give the customer the ability to fully control the contents of his hosting such as the creation of emails and modify their passwords, and see the record of the site visits.
  • Our work does not end until we make sure you are fully satisfied with our services; we guarantee you high quality, reliable service and reasonable prices.

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